Words of Advice to a College Student

Hello Bloggers and Bloggets! I hope you had a marvelous weekend and a prosperous week ahead of you! As you know it’s August …and that only means one thing. School is back in session. Recently on my timeline, I see all my teacher friends, students who I have taught, and friends and family either sending their kids off to school, or they are checking in for their day one move-in day. As I see these pictures flood down my timeline, it brings me back to when I moved into my first college dorm many moons ago. Butttt…..i am not here to reminisce about my good ole college days, I am here to give advice.
Whether you or you have a child going to college for the first time, there is nothing like a mothers/father’s instinct to worry about one child. You for many years have been waiting for this day, and finally, this day has come. Now you may not tell your child this, but secretly you are crying deep down inside, lol bc now you get what you think your life back and your house is now quiet. But truthfully, no you are crying because now you wonder if you did all you can to prepare your child for the real world without you.
Some advice that I can share is rule number 1. Prioritize your time. Now free from someone telling you what and when to do things, prioritize your time. If you know you have to be up early in the morning for an 8 am class, don’t stay up late the night before. There is nothing worse than to fail a class, not due to your class work, but your attendance. 2. Be active in your school and show your support. Whether you didn’t like your high school athletics team, don’t be a sore sport and not support your college. Being in a college setting there are endless clubs, teams, or social gatherings you can go and meet new friends. 3. Stay true to yourself. Meeting new friends, many who have come from being in a shelter home, want to go and explore everything college has to offer. They may want to party all the time and do things they may have not normally done if they were home. Don’t get caught up in peer pressure if it feels like it’s not right. If your inner self is telling you no, its okay to say no. 4. Enjoy the college life and don’t live life with regrets. Depending on your degree, you are either in school for 4 or some plus year. Enjoy the college life, and have fun. Yes, school work and your academics come first, but everything else will fall into place. Be the one to get outside your comfort zone and run for different things you may not have done in high school.


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