Vacation in Croatia!

Hellooo bloggers and bloggers! I hope everyone had a good week and you will dive into the weekend with big plans.  So as promised I have updates on our vacation, which by the way was well needed. Spenidng time with the family, it made me realize that  our family vacation time was overdue. The car ride on the way there and back was long as heck, but every moment was worth it.  Travaling we were able to witness the Euorpean moutains,  some castles along the way, and you cant forget the magjestic scenary of the villages and the churches.Eight whole hours to Croatia and back, I can say it finally feels good to be back home.

BUttttttt… if you have never been outside the country or you plan to visit Europe, put on your to do list to visit Croatia. While travling  be prepared to pay some road fees.Unlike  most of Europe, Croatia is one place you will pay tolls to use the roads.

Croatia is home to clear blue waters, a delicious varieties of foods and you can not forget the scenery. Spending time with the family we stayed in  the city of Nova Vas,Croatia.  Visiting the water park Istralanida, eating the best cusine dishes at Daniela, and visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park. In our livivng quarters we stayed in a Air B and B. Unlike any home this home was a tiny apartment above the renters we rented out the home. Which i would suggest to anyone who is  in or out the country to check it out. Air B and B not only offers great prices for homes, but you pay half the price of what you would pay for living in a hotel.

Traveling through the vast park of Plitvice Lakes National Park, the great outdoors is one park that will leave a mark on your visit. Split into two parks with four trails each trail takes you down paths walking over bridges, seeing waterfalls, and caves that you are able to travel throguh . On the happier note, if you are like me and you need to take a break, the park offers three rest areas to eat.

If you are able to walk the whole park, there is a water boat that you can travel to get to the other side. While sitting and enjoying the water boat, you are able to see more waterfalls up close. Once on the other side of the park, again it takes you through the majestic moutnains and nature trials up close to the water.  Concluding our trip we ate at the one of the mini restuarats where we experienxed our first drink of bitter lemoade. (side note nasty, taste like lemon jucie with a kick of being a soda)

Overall, i will say this trip was one birtday trip that i will not forget.  Spending my 26th birthday was not only enjoayable but was memorable as well!







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