Another Year

Hello Guys…sheesh, where has the time gone! Late post but I just celebrated a birthday(July 2) and every year I celebrate I  think to myself, wow time is really flying. Lol, and it doesn’t help with the FB notifications of the memories. When I see and read those, I am thankful for how far I have come.  But turning a year older, just puts me in a mindset of I want to be better than what i was the year before. For those who do New Year Resolutions, I do birthday resolutions. They are somewhat the same, but I try to work more on myself.  Such as being a good mother, doing more for me/others, pushing to continue school and etc. Turning a year older grants you wisdom to see the world in a different perspective and not the way you saw it 5 years ago. It grants you how to spend life with family and friends, and showing you what real friendships are and what family means.  To me, I am thankful to see every day, but I am really grateful to spend another year gaining wisdom.


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