Beaten Down, Here i Rise!

Beaten down, in distraught here I am and here I rise.
I won’t let know one determine me or determine how I should be loved.
For in order for me to love I must learn to love myself.
There are many days I feel like giving up.
Asking myself what is my purpose in life.
Is this really what he wants from me?
When I feel down, beaten by society I will look upon the heavens and talk to my heavenly father.
I will turn all of my problems over to the Lord. He is the one who determines my outcomes, knows my struggles, and knows the limits of what I can do.

I once heard in a sermon would you like to be like a swamp or like a stream? A swamp is all yucky, you have your slime and its all thick with mud. When you ask me there are days I feel swampish, stuck nowhere to go, not knowing my purpose. But at the end of the tunnel through all my efforts to make it out and I can finally breathe. Everything around me is coming into place. I am happier, smiling, and I can finally move and not be stuck in one place.

At times when I feel like there is no one to talk to, I will strive to be better.
I know there are people out there wanting me not to succeed, but little do they know they are my motivators,
I know there will be some good days, as well as there will be bad days.
But through him, I know all things are possible.
I won’t give up and I won’t let him down, for I know that he has something greater out there for me.



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