Mothers Day

Hello, Bloggers and Bloggets! First and foremost to those who are reading this Happy Mothers Day! Today is a day that not only you are adorned by your children, your spouse /significant other but it is a day that you show the world how bad ass you are. Lol Really! After having my first mother’s day I thought to myself I should be showered with gifts and etc, but when you think about it every day should be mothers day. Day in and day out mothers across the world not only play the mother, but the father, wonder woman to their household and much more our family holds us up to. Mothers day to me i feel should not be honored just one day…being a mother you earned the title. Now don’t beat me down, because everyone can not be a mother. But to those who worked their butts off day in and day out, playing the mother and the father, and to those who stepped up for children when no one was else around…thank you! Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to put the needs of others before yours. I know for me, my mothers day is slowly coming to an end, but if you can please take the time out to call the ones you call mothers, grandmothers or caregivers Happy Mothers Day. Tomorrow is not promised but just to hear the words thank you for all you do…to a mother that means the world!


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