The Test

This week has not been my week or to me, this is a is a bad week. I am there for everyone else but who is here for me. I am talking to my husband and he is telling me to calm down. I am hearing him but not listening for my judgments are kind of cloudy. Why, lord, why as I think to myself out loud. Why is everything not going my way, and there is so much to do and so little time. As I think, and I think I say I must not wait and I need to get on the ball…but crap! My resources are limited and I am out of options. I seek help and they help, but I think I’m not going to be able to get out of this muck. Crap, as I think again, this week, is a short week and again what I just did was all for nothing. I lay it down and go to bed. I get up and regain my strength. I must go on and I must not quit, for what seems like a jam is only a test!


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