Spring Ahead

As the weather is getting warmer and the temperatures are rising, In most parts of the world people have sprung ahead. For some, this means planning family summer vacations,  getting ready for spring cleaning or getting ready to go on that trip that you have been planning all last year. Though whatever your plans are spring ahead with your life, and start making monthly goals.

So as you are probably thinking, you made new year resolutions in January so why would you make new ones? Just like plans, things change.Your life becomes hectic with the family, you may have taken on more responsibilities, or you simply just are not feeling what plans you once had in store. Whatever the reason may be don’t give up!

What I found that is most effective for me, is writing out my short and long-term goals monthly. When I list out my goals monthly short and long , I can give me self a sense of direction of what  I would like accomplish.   For example in March my :

Short Term goals: Pay off school debt

Plan My child’s Bday Party

Stay on top of my money usage for the month of March

Long-Term Goal: Look back into going to into school the summer semester

purchase a new car

creating a savings plan so that paychecks flow into one another


As all of these things can be done within a year, prioritizing my goals monthly gives me a sense of direction what I would like to accomplish in the 30-31 days. If you can accomplish your short term in a two week period, YAY…Go YOU! For others, it may take a little longer or you may get caught up doing other things. Far as your long terms goals, they are called long term for a reason. Do not beat your self up if you only accomplished 1 out of the 3 of your long-term goals for the month. Next month regroup, re-plan and go!  Whether you are like me and like to plan monthly goals or goals for x amount of months don’t give up! Rome was not built in a day, so don’t think your goals have to be done in one day.



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