Super Woman!

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. -Albert Einstien

Hello! As you have read I have opened with this quote that I believe that this is true for all my readers.  Let me begin by introducing my self!  My name is Nickey Johnson, and I am your typical “Wonder Woman”. Like my self and probably many of my readers I have and play more than one role. I am a daughter, a wife, a mother and a hard worker, a friend and to those who know me one who will go the extra mile. With all of these components that make me the person I am, that is my idea of a Super  Woman. These labels that I have described myself is what keeps me going for my family, my self, and my friends. To my family ( my husband and daughter) I am their “Super Woman”. If I stop riding I lose my balance and I fall.   But to these two that depend on me, I have to keep pushing strive to better myself and learn from my mistakes.  To my husband, he is my Superman! He, in fact, is my husband, a father, one I can lean on,  and to my child the one who will sneak her cookies when I tell her “No”.

Behind every man or woman, there is that one who helps you keep your balance to keep you motivated, pushes you to do better, and is there for you at your highs and your lows. Behind me, I have my two!  Like all of us, I am human and I make mistakes, but in my daughter’s eyes she I am her superwoman. She is at the age where she is two, so everything I or my husband do she absorbs. Whatever she sees me do, she tries to mimic or if you catch her off guard she will do things that she sees me do.

Just like the quote says to keep your balance you must keep going. As for me, my life is still going.

Before my motivation for my husband and daughter, three people who have inspired me is my grandmother, mother, and my sister. These women though we all talk, walk, think differently have inspired me to be the person I am today. Their strong will for their families, the love they have is like no other. When life just knocks them down they don’t give up and get off their bike, but they see this as an opportunity to keep peddling harder to reach that goal that seems impossible. Though that my child is young I hope to inspire her, to be like me or even better. It is okay that my life is not going in the direction that I want it to, but I feel like God has a bigger and better purpose for me. Until then, I will not give up but continue to stay on my bike and keep going until I reach my destination! Until then what makes you your wonder woman?


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